Crinkling News National Newspaper brings the native bee & insect TV's to the younger readers


The Retro TV Bee & Insect Retreats serve as a draw card for sharing the info with the young people of Australia in an article with the Crinkling News National Newspaper.

Crinkling News is an interactive publication aiming at the 7 - 14 yrs age group readers.

Our Retro Bee TV's have been utalised as an opportunity to give a basic understanding of the importance of providing safe habitat for the nesting needs of our all important pollinators in urban areas where suitable materials are scarce and to encourage the planting of flowering plants for good foraging grounds.

Its a wonderful opportunity to show what enjoyment there is in collecting and presenting the materials in a creative viewing frame and this being a good incentive to put a collection of materials together as their novelty garden working creation!!

View Crinkling News article here

News Article

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