For Bees Retro Retreats | Bee Hotel
For Bees Retro Retreats | Bee Hotel
For Bees Retro Retreats | Bee Hotel

We use recycled retro televisions to build into native bee and beneficial insect habitats! Hours are spent foraging for local sourced and hand collected materials from our Jimboomba property to fill the retreats. 


All natural habitats include materials

Cane Stems

Dried lantana stems

Dried Apple Bark Gum branches

Native Paper Bark trees

Untreated recycled timber

Dried flower stems, Salvia dries to a good firm lasting stem
Dried clay/sand mix to cater for the ground burrowing native bees.

Interested in owning your own Bee TV Live Retreat?

To order please contact Louise.

Native Bee Retreat will take approx 2 - 6 weeks to make

and you can select your own TV set if you wish.

Recycled retro television sets saved from landfill

This particular collection of retro televisions were sourced during the change over from analogue to digital tv when everyone was turfing out their old tv’s in 2010. In an attempt to preserve the historical design aspects of the televisions, avoid landfill and a creative passion put the old tv units to good use, the original collector, Forbes McKail collected over 200 television sets. 

Forbes McKail Retro Televition Installation

One part of collection was exhibited in the Queensland Museum in 2013-14 (pictured above) and another in Bird Gallery (below).  Half of the remaining collection has been donated to the Bee TV Live project.

Forbes McKail Retro Televition Installation

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